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We have modern equipment for processing of all range of steels, and Al alloys, i.e plasma and oxyfuel cutting, water jet cutting , CNC press brakes, band saws, EWM inverter power supplies for GMA/GTA welding, blasting chamber, a wet painting chamber. However the most important capital of the company is qualified and skilled crew!

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  1. Desing
    1. Material focused optimisation
    2. Stress focused optimisation
  2. Loss treatment
    1. Sheets cutting by Oxyfule, plasma or Waterbeam.
    2. Cutting for hollow sections.
    3. Lathe milling
    4. Milling
    5. Milling with horizontal boring machine
  3. Cold plastic forming:
    1. Cold plastic forming (sheets)
    2. Cold plastic forming (hollow bars)
  4. Welding processes (based on ISO 4063:1990)
    1. MMA (111)
    2. GMA (131,135,136)
    3. GTA (141)
    4. Stud welding (781)
    5. Welding with robotic MIG/MAG unit
  5. Surface treatment
    1. Shot blasting (balsting mtrl - steel grit)
    2. Painting - "Wet method"
    3. Zinc electroplating
    4. Hot dip zinc coating