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We have modern equipment for processing of all range of steels, and Al alloys, i.e plasma and oxyfuel cutting, water jet cutting , CNC press brakes, band saws, EWM inverter power supplies for GMA/GTA welding, blasting chamber, a wet painting chamber. However the most important capital of the company is qualified and skilled crew!

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Sales and deliveryterms
Terms of sale and delivery shall apply (without any signature) to the sale and delivery of any goods quoted, produced and sold by FRENZAK Sp.z o.o. to the purchaser (in the following referred to as the ""Purchaser") in the absence of contrary agreement.
Inquiries and offers shall have no force and effect unless and until Purchase Order is presented, in writing. No order is binding upon the company until the earlier of acceptance of the order in writing.
Prices are valid ex works (incoterms 2000) exclusive packing unless otherwise agreed and noted in the agreement. All prices are exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) prescribed by law. FRENZAK reserves the right to charge the cost of packaging, and changes in prices for exchange rate differences, the amount of taxes, changes in the cost of transport between the date of inquiry, and the date of sale.
Ex-Works (incoterms 2000) delivery terms applies for deliveries to all countries, if no other terms have been agreed and confirmed in writing. Title to and risk of loss for the products shall pass to Customer upon delivery trereof to any common carrier at company's site. Customer shall be informed if a delay cause at FRENZAK's site at least 5 (five) days before despatchdate. New deliverytime shall be stated and agreed by the customer.
Unless otherwise agreed, 30 days net from date of invoice shall apply. Discounts, if applicable, should be separately stated in the invoices. Minor delays would not entitle the customer to suspend payment of all / parts invoices. Late payment will result in the assessment of penalty interest at the statutory rate.
Complains does't release customer from the obligation to pay for goods supplied in accordance with previously agreed payment terms. In the case of non-payment terms, the manufacturer is not liable for repair / replacement / exchange item complaint.
The client should be able to return articles by written agreement to the FRENZAK Sp. z o.o.
Legal proceedings
Disputes between Frenzak and the client should be considered by the Civil Code and the rights of Polish Place will host the proceedings to a court with jurisdiction over the seat Frenzak Sp. z.o.o.