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We have modern equipment for processing of all range of steels, and Al alloys, i.e plasma and oxyfuel cutting, water jet cutting , CNC press brakes, band saws, EWM inverter power supplies for GMA/GTA welding, blasting chamber, a wet painting chamber. However the most important capital of the company is qualified and skilled crew!

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We put lots of effort to improve production process, develop new technologies, more efficient, and enviromen-friendly production methods. Our welders are involved in training to improve their skills, thereby increasing their competitiveness. We have implemented i.e water jet cutting, taking advantage of the process when cutting aluminum alloys and titanium. In order to shorten production time, replaced the bolt welding flat sections,by stud welding. Currently as small and medium-sized enterprise, we participate in a project co-financed by EU funds. The theme of the project is Modelling of Interface Evolution in Advanced Welding. Our deliverable to the project is validation and industrial applications of received data